About This Store

This retail store was created for the express purpose of creating a store full of nothing but products our co-founders have used and tested over the years and certified not only to work with Hyper Fusion services but also across a diverse set of networks and circumstances to ensure the highest portability possible at the best price possible.

Across most, if not all our products you'll always see a "Chris says / Will says" section in the product description.  Each of these are written by each of them, Chris from the eyes of software and administration, Will thru the eyes of Hardware Installation, life span, and repair points.  Using both of their unique prospectives you can be assured that the products we sell out of this site are because 1 or both, Chris and Will have tested them, used them, or in some manner or another had direct experiences with these products spread over their combined 50 years of electronics and computer experience.

This is a unique retail sales store, in that, every product has very clearly listed reasons as to why Will and / or Chris have entered the particular product into our catalouge.  This is products with a purpose.  We not only choose products that work with our internet, but also across EVERY providers data systems.  Weather it be public wifi, hotspots, hotel wifi, a friends home wifi, where ever, what ever.  These are products we pick with known universal compatibility, speed, reliability, cost effectiveness vs how long the thing lasts.

With that in mind, we also want to build a very interactive community of customers that use and then a few weeks later review and post their experience back in the products reviews section so that others can know what to expect and get their questions answers before they decide to make their purchase.  The more folks grab products and review them out of here, the more we'll be able to fine tune our catalouge, figure out what works, because consumer ability to use and set up and maintain the product is also another metric we want to focus on with this store.

The Team @ Hyper Fusion